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Video & Projection Design

Mesmer are an award-winning creative studio working across the entire spectrum of performing arts and live events. Our work blends virtual and real-world environments, traditional and cutting-edge methods, and places storytelling and audience communication at the fore.

Our design process is collaborative. Though we start with clear creative ideas, we work with venues, clients, directors and other artists to develop and refine those ideas over time. We design our workflows and technical systems to be as adaptable and flexible as possible, so that, as we find our way towards the best version of the project, our preconceptions aren’t holding us back.

Our background is in performing arts, where plans change constantly. Rehearsal rooms, multiple creative departments and audience reaction forced us to make work in as flexible a way as possible. This requires technical knowledge balanced with design skills and a creative, problem solving approach.

We specialise in immersive, interactive and site-specific designs, We work with the space and the overall project concept to create installations where technology is transparent and audience complicity, flow and experience are central.

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