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Content Creation

Mesmer produce video content for the majority of our shows. Given the nature of our work, this means a huge variety in what we produce – from hand-drawn animation to 3D modelling and from film shoots to generative content. Whatever the workflow, our content is creative-led and diligently researched.

We know that in live events, things can change. We use flexible workflows, creating content that works with the on-site playback systems to make changing things as fast as possible, or develop content in realtime render engines to be adjusted on the spot. Nobody wants to wait days for a gigantic new render in the middle of technical rehearsals.

Our animation teams all have years of experience in live events, and an understanding of the scales involved. This is important; content for live events rarely conforms to standard screen resolutions and has to work in tandem with everything else on the stage, and that requires a certain understanding when creating content. Our animators are also used to working in a live show environment, creating new content on-site at the production desk.

We also have plenty of experience working with existing brands and IP. We understand that often, the worlds we create are a new way for people to explore an intellectual property and the content and branding within it needs to feel ‘right’ for that world.

Recent Projects

Projections Of Halloween Themed Tweets At The Southbank
A Performer Emerges From Blue Light In Stranger Things: The Drive-Into Experience
Photograph Of A Female Performer From Sleepless, The New Romantic Musical Comedy Based On The Original Story And Screenplay Of The Rom-com Classic Sleepless In Seattle
Still Image From The Secret Cinema Secret Sofa, Showing A Map Of The World And Three Performers Inset
The Starcourt Mall From The Secret Cinema Stranger Things Production
The Characters Of Us Against Whatever Onstage During Performance.
Shot From The Production Of Kes, Showing Boy And Kestrel Against A Pastoral Background.
Performers From Frozen: A Musical Invitation On Stage At Disneyland Paris
Photograph From The Theatre Production Of Peter Gynt, Showing The Set And Video Design
Shot From The Stage Production God Of Chaos Showing The Moderators Behind A Wall Of Screens.
A Woman Behind A Laptop Silhouetted Against A Wall Of Numbers, Taken From White Pearl
Actors Onstage During A Performance Of Noughts And Crosses
Photograph From The Bells For Peace Event Showing A Crowd Of People Cheering And A Thank You Message On A White Background
Actor On Stage During The Monstrous Child
Computers Screens And Participants From Secret Cinema's Casino Royale
An Elderly Woman Emerges Naked From A Black Floor During A Performance Of On Raftery's Hill.
Photograph From The Stage Of Tonight: The Eighties, Showing Multiple LED Screens With Graphics.
Arinzé Kene On Stage During A Performance Of Misty.
Two Actors From Sketching Look Up On Stage, With Video And Text Overlays Projected.
Shot From Goats Showing A News Crew Conducting An Interview.
Shot From A Monster Calls Of A Man Onstage Against A Moody, Red Background.
Woman Onstage Singing Into A Microphone During The Magic Flute.
Actors On Stage During Genesis Inc
Shot Of The Stage For Secret Cinema's Romeo & Juliet
Shot Of The Neon Futurist Chinatown From From Blade Runner
Shot From Flashdance The Musical Showing Three Women Dancing On Stage.
Photograph From Ready Or Not Showing Two Figures Silhouetted Against A Video Projection.
Stage Shot With Actors During A Production Of Prism.
Aerial Shot From Manchester Interational Festival.
Hansel And Gretel On Stage Covered In Multicoloured Video Walls.
Shot Of The Stage With Video Projections From The Graduate.
Stage From Mosquitoes, Showing A Planetarium Projection With A Group Of People On Stage.
Shot Of The Stage From Big: The Musical.
Mickey Mouse On Stage Dancing.
Stage Shot From Agrippina Of Arches And Two People Centre Stage.
The Set From Schikaneder, With Actors Gatherimg Around A Hot Air Balloon Projected Onto The Rear Wall.

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