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Content Creation

Mesmer produce video content for the majority of our shows. Given the nature of our work, this means a huge variety in what we produce – from hand-drawn animation to 3D modelling and from film shoots to generative content. Whatever the workflow, our content is creative-led and diligently researched.

We know that in live events, things can change. We use flexible workflows, creating content that works with the on-site playback systems to make changing things as fast as possible, or develop content in realtime render engines to be adjusted on the spot. Nobody wants to wait days for a gigantic new render in the middle of technical rehearsals.

Our animation teams all have years of experience in live events, and an understanding of the scales involved. This is important; content for live events rarely conforms to standard screen resolutions and has to work in tandem with everything else on the stage, and that requires a certain understanding when creating content. Our animators are also used to working in a live show environment, creating new content on-site at the production desk.

We also have plenty of experience working with existing brands and IP. We understand that often, the worlds we create are a new way for people to explore an intellectual property and the content and branding within it needs to feel ‘right’ for that world.

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