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Virtual Factory: Show & Tell

Manchester International Festival’s Virtual Factory series is a series of online artworks that imagine the shape of things to come in MIF’s future home.

The first work in the Virtual Factory series was Your Progress Will Be Saved, an online experience created by elusive avatar artist LaTurbo Avedon that reimagined The Factory as a space within the hugely popular videogame Fortnite Creative.

We worked as consultants to MIF to come up with ways to engage audiences outside the usual sphere of Fortnite Creative and online art. Alongside MIF’s digital departments, we developed a series of livestreamed interviews, platforms and talks delivered over Youtube and Twitch channels. These involved pre-recorded footage, live interviews, gameplay and construction demonstrations, and discussions with leading figures in the field.

All the streams were co-ordinated and run from the Mesmer studio using our servers and studio streaming infrastructure.

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