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In a small town in Syria, soldiers are celebrated as heroes and grieving families are nourished on propaganda. As the coffins pile up, the local party leader decides on a radical compensation scheme: a goat for each son martyred.

Goats is a major new work by Syrian playwright and documentary filmmaker Liwaa Yazji exploring the lies we choose to believe as a society, and the rippling effect when one man questions the ‘truth’.

“Fake news permeates the whole production like hyperchromatic cloud infecting everyone who breathes it.” – Exeunt

Ian Galloway designed video for the production, working with numerous cameras, overt and hidden, to recreate the feel of state-controlled information and TV throughout the piece. A live news crew was coached through rehearsals, a mock crowd added behind speaking actors, and a special wireless GoatCam built and attached to the collars of the titular goats.

“Yazji says that Goats is a ‘Syrian take on fake news’, it’s brought to life on stage with the unreal quality of a video-game: exaggerated sentimentality, humour and anger play out in a pop-world setting.” – Culture Whisper

Given that the equipment required was quite specialised, Mesmer built and supplied all camera and playback equipment on the show.

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