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Genesis Inc

Jemma Kennedy’s Genesis Inc spins a blisteringly entertaining and multifaceted tale of the final frontier of 21st century capitalism: the privatisation of human reproduction.

This richly imaginative, topical, and explosively funny new comedy takes a closer look at the lengths to which people will go to defy biology – and at the moral compass of an industry that trades on fear and hope. Genesis Inc, a new play at Hampstead Theatre, made use of banks of screens set into the set, controlled by Hampstead’s in-house servers.

We filmed the cast (Harry Enfield as IVF consultant Dr. Marshall) and used this to create a hilarious and sardonic campaign of marketing for the titular company, including 3D ‘science’ visuals to explain the processes involved.

Then, as the play continues and the particiants’ experience become more surreal, we used these same to create talking wombs with the voice of Jenny Murray, disco embryos and a live camera feed of God Himself!

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