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The Hapsburg Court Composer, Antonio Salieri, is highly admired and praised – that is until Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart arrives.

Bitterly jealous of his rival and ravaged by feelings of mediocrity, Salieri devises ever-darker and more sordid punishments. Until, finally, believing that God has abandoned him, he embarks on a desperate course of action.

“Baroque influences, marble surfaces, glittering chandeliers, half silvered mirrors onto which projections can be thrown to create different environments, a hospital that can become a theatre – the look is sleek, refined, grand and ambitious.” – BritishTheatre

This internationally celebrated, multi award-winning play is set amidst the splendour of 18th Century Vienna, created in part by video projections onto semi-reflective golden mirrors and panelled glass doors. Fine baroque architecture was hand-drawn and treated to appear like engravings, creeping into the panelled sliders and turning the windows of Salieri’s modest apartment into the Hapsburg Court, the Viennese Prater, and various theatres of Europe.

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