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Sleepless in LSI: Working under COVID-19 Restrictions

Sleepless: A Musical Romance was the first full-scale musical to open in London during the COVID-19 pandemic. Lighting & Sound International spotlight the production, and look into how safe working was achieved.

Rob Halliday goes in-depth department-by-department and visits the site to find out how COVID-safe working conditions were implemented at a time when almost every other theatre is dark.

Every single person – cast, crew, band, backstage visitors – is tested every single morning, isng an on-site test lab that can get a result in about half an hour. Allow half an hour to swab people and then load the samples into a 24-slot testing machine and that’s about an hour turn-around total, with the test team running two or three each morning to improve flow-through.

The article also goes into the rationale behind the video design, and how it was implemented on stage:

Morgan Large and I have been through many different shapes for the set, but the concept has always been the same: Sam is an architect living in the early 90s, so he lives on stage in an architectural model of his house. The video around that is low-poly 90s silhouettes and architectural sketches, a concise and abstracted idea that is very quick to create.

Read the full article at LSI Online.

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