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Secret Cinema presents Casino Royale

Are you ready to enter a world of high stakes, sophistication and deception? Welcome to Casino Royale!

Secret Cinema open up the doors to the iconic world of James Bond, brought to life beyond any film-lover’s imagination. Spend your evening sipping martinis while scoping out the casino or unravel the dark underworld of the most infamous criminal organisations. Witness the most memorable moments spill out of the screen and unfold around you as the night culminates in a unique screening of Casino Royale.

Operate in the shadows or be in the heart of the action where the risks are great, but the rewards are greater. The time has come to find out if you have what it takes.

Mesmer worked with the creative team and advisors from Eon Productions to create all in-world content for the show, and develop how that content could be used to create an audience adventure. We created a fully interactive Q branch which reacted to information given by the audience and sent them on the next part of the journey, and hid clues in billboards, airport screens and informaion panels.

“With the help of a dedicated cast of actors and a host of technical wizardry, several of Casino Royale’s most memorable scenes play out right in front of the screen. – The Independent”

We also handled all software development and technical installation required, including delivery of the final film screening on a moving overhead screen.

Upon the show’s transfer to Shanghai, we worked remotely with the Shanghai team to re-design the games for a Chinese audience and translate all video content into Chinese.

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